£ 495 PLUS VAT
  • Own branded platform
  • Identification badges
  • MH Responder tracking
  • MH Responder notes
  • Access to Digital Toolbox
  • Access to App
  • office hours support
  • Live chat office hours
  • Discounted training and workshops
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Free advice and mentoring
  • Bespoke intranet materials
  • MH Responder unlimited access 48 months
  • End of year data

Red Umbrella has been engaging, supportive and passionate about all things mental health and support since we started our journey together. Whilst initially we began working on a bespoke training day and the arrangement of mental health first responders, we have been particularly grateful for the speedy response in arranging specific support during the coronavirus pandemic, at a time when our employees need it most. We are looking forward to continuing our journey with Red Umbrella to continue to develop the best ways to continue to support the wellbeing of our employees.

Just like the starfish story we just need someone to take notice, someone to care, someone, to do something to help, at Carecoins we believe in treating each individual as the individual they are, and take each new individual as a unique opportunity to help them to realise their full potential, we might not get to meet everyone out there needing support, but we are here ready to help the next person we do.