The team at Red Umbrella, MHFA national instructors, therapists and psychologists as well as our clients have gotten together to write and produce the most comprehensive mental health awareness course available, one-hour long with interactive features, you can resume at any time where you left off, and delegates will receive a certificate on successful completion.

As we want as many people to experience this a possible we are not charging licence or user fees, just a one of payment based on your company size and you can use the course as often as you like. please email us for pricing.


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Arrange either half-day or full-day drop-in sessions with either one or two therapists.

Usually, we will send a Male and a Female therapist for 4 hours to your place of work, either staff can just drop in and have a chat or have 20-30 min slots allocated in advance.

This is a very popular way to engage staff in talking to professionals about their or their families mental health.

For those already talking to our team, it’s a great way to meet them.

Also, a great way for mental health first aid/responders to refer colleagues

Empathy Versus Sympathy 

Almost all of us will have come across the terms empathy and sympathy before, but do we have a clear understanding of the difference between the two? And do we understand how much difference showing empathy can make in improving communication, relationships and mental wellbeing amongst employees?

Empathy provides the foundation for developing closer and more productive working relationships. When we provide empathy to our employees we foster a greater sense of belonging, which has positive impacts on productivity, staff retention and creativity.

Red Umbrella Academies provide tailor made workshops on empathy, covering important topics such as:

  • The key differences between empathy and sympathy
  • The effect of creating connection and its importance
  • The four elements of empathy
  • The positive effects of providing empathy
  • The dangers that are present when empathy is missing

This training looks at empathy in a fun, interactive way, that creates unique conversations and encourages delegates to think about their own approach to empathy and sympathy. It is tailored to the participants and gets them to think about how they use empathy in their current roles.

These workshops are suitable for all levels of staff, line managers and senior management. 


Unconscious bias refers to the unseen forces that dictate our thoughts, opinions and behaviours. They are particularly challenging because they happen most often out of our awareness. This can have a detrimental impact on communication, workplace relationships with colleagues and clients, productivity and employee mental health and wellbeing.

Understanding the psychology behind unconscious bias, we work interactively to explore how our own biases impact on our work. This involves reflection on our own bias and how that might impact on our roles and responsibilities in the workplace.

This half day workshop looks at the following areas:

  • Understanding the way unconscious bias is formed
  • The impact of bias in the workplace
  • How we encourage reflection on unconscious bias among our employees
  • How to challenge our unconscious biases
  • Understanding the unconscious bias cycle and how to break it

This workshop is tailored to coaching, management, customer facing or HR staff. This integrates well with the Red Umbrella Academies workshop on diversity, which can be combined together as a full days training.


One of the biggest and most disruptive challenges any organisation will face. Whether that’s implementing small changes at a staff level, or organisational changes from senior management downward, change is something that is a necessary part of an organisations growth.

Change brings about a unique set of difficulties; it can feel destabilising for employees, bring about increased levels of stress, uncertainty, anxiety, even be met with open resistance. The process of change has a profound impact on employees mental health. So how do we manage the transition whilst protecting the wellbeing of our staff and our organisation?

Red Umbrella Academies provide bespoke training on navigating change that focuses on:

  • The impact of change on a person’s mental wellbeing
  • “I don’t like change” – understanding how to work with the uncertainties that change brings up for people
  • How to communicate change to mitigate the impact on employees wellbeing
  • How to look after our mental wellbeing during periods of change
  • The psychology of implementing change effectively

This training is suitable for staff, line managers or senior managers. It can be tailored specifically to those who are responsible for implementing change, such as senior managers, to better support them in understanding the effects of change on their employees, or can be tailored for staff who are adapting to change, to assist them in managing their own wellbeing during periods of change.


Not everyone has the opportunity to become a Mental Health First Aider or a First Aider in Mental Health this can be due to time, obviously companies cannot expect every single member of staff to participate in the full 2 day course, however they should expect all staff to have an awareness of Mental Health and indeed to have a good understanding what the Mental Health First Aiders within the company roles are.
This course is very popular with Line Managers. 
Throughout this workshop the following topics will be covered: 
● What is mental health 
● The stigma around mental health 
● The Barriers to talking about mental health 
● The most common types of mental health issues 
● How to approach someone if you’re concerned about their mental health 
● Mental health toolkit for supporting yourself and someone else 
● How to self care 
● Developing a culture of support around mental health 
The course can be adapted to Half a day and a Full Day, those who participate i the full Day courses will be receive a certificate as a Mental Health Responder. MHR.

Managing Stress

Mental health conditions are one of the leading causes of time away from work, and one of the factors that contributes to the majority of mental health conditions is stress. Whilst a certain amount of stress is healthy for us, and can enable us to be productive, the effects of extreme stress, prolonged stress or burnout can have a detrimental impact on our work and personal lives.

High levels of stress are linked to reduced productivity and engagement, lower morale and lower staff retention. This Red Umbrella Academies workshop provides an interactive and enjoyable forum to discuss the impact of stress and provide tools to help manage stress in the workplace. This includes looking at:

  • The impacts of stress on our emotional and physical wellbeing
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy skills to manage stress
  • Development of workplace mindfulness
  • The stress bucket method of identifying our stress triggers
  • Combating burnout
  • Self care tools to manage stress

This workshop is aimed at staff, line managers and senior managers, as well as those in high intensity or roles where compassion fatigue is a risk such as HR. This combines well with Red Umbrella Academies workshop on emotional resilience to form a full days training.


Diversity has become something of a buzzword in recent years, but do we recognise the importance and the impact of diversity in the workplace? How do we use an understanding of the unique benefits and challenges around having a diverse workforce in order to get the best from our teams?

Diversity includes a whole spectrum of characteristics, from gender, age, race, mental health, disability, LGBT+, culture and religion, to name a few. In this Red Umbrella Academies workshop we will be taking a hands on approach to looking at diversity including:

  • The benefits of diversity – how diversity inspires creativity and innovation and how diverse teams perform better
  • The pitfalls of diversity and how to avoid stereotypes, biases, and prejudices.
  • The challenges of working with diversity
  • The impact of diversity on the mental health and wellbeing of employees
  • How to encourage diversity

This workshop is ideal for senior managers, HR professionals and managers and will help to foster a sense of inclusivity in the workplace. This workshop integrates well with the Red Umbrella Academies workshop in unconscious bias, and can be combined to form a full days training. 


Emotional resilience is the term used to describe someone’s ability to stay mentally well in the face of life’s challenges. It is our ability to weather the storm and to maintain an ability to adapt and overcome difficulties in our lives. Just as our life circumstances can fluctuate and change, so too can our emotional resilience.

Developing and maintaining a healthy level of emotional resilience has many benefits for a person, in their home and work lives. Emotional resilience is not something you either have or haven’t got, it’s a skill that can be cultivated and developed.

In this Red Umbrella Academies workshop we will be taking a hands on and interactive look at the ways in which we can develop emotional resilience, including:

  • How do we measure our emotional resilience
  • The link between physical wellbeing and mental wellbeing
  • The barriers that get in the way of healthy emotional resilience
  • Evaluating our lifestyle to identify areas where we can improve our emotional resilience, including our environment, social interactions, behaviours and support networks
  • Implementing positive and lasting changes to improve emotional resilience, including both at home and in the workplace

This half day workshop is useful for staff and management of all levels, and combines well with the Red Umbrella Academies workshop on managing stress to create a full days training. 


Ergonomic Assessment (45mins to 90)
Full Report within 5 days (emergency reports possible)

Functional Capacity Assessment/Evaluation (60mins to 3hours) Full report within 5 days (emergency reports possible)

Mental Health/Stress/Anxiety/Depression Assessment of work ability/adjustments (2 – 4 hours)

Cost 25-40 care coins 


For anybody involved in any kind of dispute the first thought is usually seeing a Solicitor with the intent of eventually taking the other party to court whether this is at work or outside work.

Such highly expensive, stressful and time-consuming action is not usually necessary. No matter what the nature of the dispute, if all parties are open to exploring alternatives to court or formal processes then a solution can be reached which saves everybody involved a lot of stress and time and, in the case of legal action, avoids thousands of pounds in costs. 

Cost 30 care coins


We understand only too well the challenges of engaging with employees – sometimes it’s the most wonderful feeling in the world and sometimes as a leader, you feel like giving up on people.

In our many years of experience in leading and influencing large and small teams, there’s only one predictable thing about people, and that is that they’ll always be unpredictable. Sometimes in a really positive way, and sometimes employees or their representatives can be incredibly challenging. This is why we also see understanding people as a critical step to being able to engage with them effectively.

To help with this we’ve developed our own blueprint for employee engagement to help organisations look at how engaged and flexible they really are. We can spend time with your organisation looking at the various elements of employee engagement from the macro-level through to individuals within the business, providing an objective view and pragmatic action planning.


Bring all your mental health responders together for an interactive half-day or full-day of beneficial workshops, updates and a Q n A session of what’s working and what could be improved. This Forum shows all mental health responders they are valued and listened to, the vital feedback is put in a report format so that it can be acted on to ensure the Mental Health responders are working efficiently and effectively and feel secure and comfortable in what they do.

Just like the starfish story we just need someone to take notice, someone to care, someone, to do something to help, at Carecoins we believe in treating each individual as the individual they are, and take each new individual as a unique opportunity to help them to realise their full potential, we might not get to meet everyone out there needing support, but we are here ready to help the next person we do.